The Lessons of History - Observed

– Written By James Giombetti

In his new book Lessons of History – Observed, Change Your Context – Change Your Life author Jim Giombetti takes an in-depth look at what we can learn from history. Jim takes complicated issues and breaks them down into easily understandable chapters. He looks at the events and people of history with a fresh perspective and understanding. Jim then explores applying those lessons to the global and national problems we face today. Through this book, you will gain a new perspective on history. You can affect today’s global crises by following Jims’ practical, everyday guidance.

Jim Giombetti

About Jim Giombetti

James Giombetti, known to his friends as Jim or Babe, was raised in the hills of beautiful northeastern Pennsylvania in the small town of Jessup. As an international business executive, Jim developed an insatiable desire to understand complex systems with a passion and vision for resolving global supply-chain issues. His unique skills typically apply new ideas and approaches to complex problems using simplicity in design. In The Lessons of History – Observed, Jim explores historical events and how these seemingly unrelated historical events are the root cause of today’s unresolved complex problems. He uses Will and Ariel Durant’s seminal work, The Lessons of History, as a framework to share his observations.

Jim considers his wife Barbara and family to be most important to him. If he isn’t spending time with Barb or their family, you can bet he is with Beane, his loyal companion: a dead grass Chesapeake Bay retriever.

The Lessons of History – Observed is Jim’s first book.

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