Frequently Asked Questions

I hope people can see our common ground – that we are all more alike than different. And that basically we all want the same thing, the right to make our own decisions without interference from others.

Commit to an ethical framework of principles that align roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities that govern the behavior of individuals and organizations to the public’s benefit and not self-interests.

I write in the quiet moments in isolation at my desk after many hours of reflection, thought, and research.

Public corruption is our Achilles’ heel. Our republic has always endured a certain level of corruption, but it has now reached a tipping point due to the numerous other issues that have aligned which demand political leadership to address. All our major issues have coalesced in such a way that, if not systematically addressed within the next 30 years, will have dire consequences for humanity.

Focus on our common ground and recognize that there is good and bad in all. That our common humanity is how we chart our path forward. All immigrant groups share common experiences in coming to the United States. Open societies grow and evolve, and closed societies stagnate and die. The only debate is the length of time this process takes.

Public schools need to focus, once again, on a broad-based curriculum to include civics, music, and the arts. It should be clear that focusing on education for job skills and employment is not the way forward to an enlightened population.

Simplification of the tax code to include a graduated income tax rate with a minimum tax for both income and capital gains for the wealthy with over $1 billion in assets. Eliminating tax loopholes and their corresponding deductions, and addressing revenue recognition for multinationals.

When the news became profit centers for the broadcasters, ratings and profits were the new masters. The public good is now a distant third to ratings and profits. We need to recommit to the ethical framework that was once the industry standard through public funding to minimize the role of the profit system on news objectivity.

Misguided interpretations of the rule of law have corrupted our form of capitalism. The Supreme Court has ruled that corporations are people as a foundational principle to our rule of law—this evil precedent must be reversed.

A renewed commitment to ethics education in our public schools.

There are many outstanding books that deal with the issues outlined in The Lessons of History – Observed but in a fragmented way. I was not aware of a book that unified the macro perspective as I feel strongly this is the only way to understand the issues. Most importantly, I want my grandchildren to understand this perspective.

Get involved, hold our public officials accountable to their roles in office. Don’t accept the status quo as a given. Run for public office. The dysfunction in the current system depends on our apathy.

I have lived in close-knit communities that were positive and aspirational. I have also lived in communities dominated by nepotism and cronyism whereby the public sector has been weaponized for the benefit of the few. Where the rule of law is selectively enforced for the benefit of the same few. My in-depth understanding of these differing perspectives has prepared me well to write this book.

It would be my Chesapeake Bay retriever. She is intelligent, loyal, brave, strong-willed, and keen. We easily relate.

No, I believe in being authentic.

Yes, we all need inspiration at times.

Not intentionally; my book was written as a summary. As such, I left out details and identities that did not serve the points I was making.

No, they always gave me motion sickness.

No, they make me uncomfortable to watch.

Yes, I like some; I am always amazed at the natural gifts, determination, and skills people possess.

I do, but not as frequently as one would think. My motivation and inspiration for writing is to share objective truth. Most bad reviews are based upon the disagreement with my observations of objective truth.

I don’t truly know. My writings have always been driven by my strong emotions and observations about the evidence that has moved me.

Neither, I try to speak to big issues that elude most people given the “sound bite” culture in which we live.

Yes, I do. Honoring the written word to share knowledge and observations to me is a noble pursuit. As such, I respect the process to this end.

Both; I intend to complete a trilogy with each book standing on its own while providing unique observations of value to the reader.

I don’t know. I distinguish between ego and confidence. My writing is driven by confidence in the message I have to share.

I am drawn to the mountains as I find inspiration in nature.

It educated me to be clear with my words and intent.

Challenging the reader to think about the issues I raise while providing evidence and recommendations to address these issues is how I attempt to take care of the reader. 

I am working on two additional books.

Europe in Portugal, Spain, Italy, or France.

To be true to the history as lived.

My gratitude in being an inspiration to me and the lessons they taught me.

I do not think in those terms, but for me it would be the acknowledgment by my grandchildren that this book has some measure of value in their lives.

I tend to research extensively to a point where I feel I confident that I can discuss the subject with anyone.

I stuttered badly as a child; as such, language and vocabulary became the means by which I expressed myself.

I don’t like and I don’t watch.

No, it does not interest me.